whipping couch potatos

  • The furthest you can get from a McDonald’s in the continental United States is 115 miles.
  • Costco now offers a 12 month survivalist food supply for 1 person, on sale now for for $800.
  • Neiman Marcus is selling edible life-sized gingerbread play houses, complete with interior lollipop tree, for $15,000.00.

    As part of a resolution to attempt to get more exercise, now that I’m an unemployed blob that hardly leaves the apartment, I’ve joined HealthMonth, a beta stage on-line game that let’s you choose customizible health rules and then tracks your progress as you follow them through a month, (or don’t). My rules are fairly simple: Exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week; write 750 words in a journal four times a week; and Ride my bike at least 20 miles a week. My progress is a little spotty, as I forgot about it until now, a full week in, and I should have chosen one of my rules better, as due to my glasses, I can’t bike in rain, (one of the more unfortunate side-effects of Octoberism). Instead I should have made a rule about my diet, as all I’ve been eating at home are microwavable cup-a-noodles, an entire Costco flat of them. On the plus side, food has been entering my body at regular intervals, on the other, even I have to admit that’s an extremely shoddy definition of “food”.

    Speaking of food, Esme recently introduced me to the most pornographic food blog I’ve ever seen, Tastespotting, a Trendspotting for your mouth and belly. Just scanning the page starts saliva flowing, as well as the profound desire to push technology to the point where it’s possible to to reach through the screen and pick up delicious baked goods. Nom. It’s not as internet classic as whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com, or as useful as Recipe Matcher, which makes suggestions based on what ingredients you have, but it’s certainly more inspiring.