Aside from all the other amazing things that life consists of, this evening I am made happy by passionfruit gelato, chickie nobs, and the line, “Someone’s being attacked by a platypus bear!”, upon which, indeed, a platypus bear appeared onscreen, truly one of nature’s more creative miracles.

Also, the incredible people and technology involved in the Chilean miner rescue. That too.

nervous tension

Driving lessons begin today, a fact that’s been living like a ghost inside my chest. Though I’m well aware the first lessons are unlikely to leave the classroom, that I’m going to soon be controlling one of the western world’s most common death-machines has been skimming through me with mild, theoretical horror. When I read about black ice, drunk drivers, or any other of the thousand easy ways to lose control of the vehicle, I think, right there, that might be how I die. Or worse, how I murder someone else. Statistics are only a little bit, in this case, on my side.

I also have an appointment with the JobWave people today, to rework my resume and update them on how my job search has been going, which lately, isn’t so great. No recent call backs, no interviews. Hopefully this retooling of my resume will help and I will emerge from the office with the confidence of a multi-platinum rockstar and immediately land a job. Maybe the driving school people are hiring. They certainly seem disorganized. When I went in to pay, they couldn’t find my files for fifteen minutes, and the reminder e-mail they sent me yesterday spelled my name “Jynae”.