I just wanted to see adrian brody punch more dinosaurs

I’m finding the newest Predators movie bizarre, as the formulaic genre pick-them-off is more than a teensy bit hilarious, (really, you just pulled out his entire spine with bonus! attached skull, okay then, and your leader wears a plastic goth-lego helmet with gold teeth on it, uh-huh), yet slathered with genuine moments of spookiness. Not what I was expecting.

The Social Network aka the facebook movie:
1. I had no idea I’m only two degrees away from Mark Zuckerberg.
2. WTF is up with that freakishly shallow portrayal of women!! For reals, people. Sad!

Yes, this is my literacy level at 4 a.m. I have a detailed and complex reduction of the various issues, but not the wherewithal to care enough to shove myself into the wakeful mental state required to properly unpack and spell them all out. Not that there’s anything wrong with “reals”, because there isn’t. At all.

I mean, seriously, fail! It didn’t even, at bare minimum, pass the Bechdel Test.

Beautifully shot though. Breathtaking. Truly masters of the craft. Fingers crossed that such movies will put an end to the loathesome blue/orange oversat nightmare that’s cursed this decade.

EDIT: Aaron Sorkin explais the misogyny.