thursday morning – erotica and candy flowers

Thursday was also lovely. I awoke, came on-line and was promptly asked to breakfast with . For the first time, I left the house with my new hair. I didn’t know how many people would stare. James was sitting waiting at the coffeeshop. He looked up at me for a moment before picking on me. Ah, true love. Have to adore its lack of frailties.

We went to The Elbow Room and talked about nothing in particular. Fancies and realities and the frightening prospect of traveling to nowhere. I like it. I want more chaos. I thought about taking a picture of him, just sitting happy with his coffee, but decided against it. I want the pictures I take to be slightly more decadent than “guy in cofeeshop”. I don’t believe I would have done justice to the moment. Didn’t stop him though. Not a lot does. There’s a seconds long clip of me now. *blink* Another one to add to the growing list.

I was to meet   for one-ish at Blenz, and he was to be at work, so we parted ways. Sophie wasn’t there, so I walked the five minutes to Davie to see if there’d been a mix-up. Apparently not, as on my return, there she was. We sat and drank cold things with too much energy in them and played with our ever-present cameras. We told stupid jokes to make eachother laugh and tried to make the other look sweet. I don’t know how well it was working.

James showed up twice, first time to brighten my day with “when I left you at the busstop and got onto the bus, the driver told me he would have waited for the next bus”. Second time to swap my camera for his picture stick. Horrid thing. I’m now triply impressed with the pictures he takes now I know he uses such an annoying little buttonbox. (Andrew and I found a fluff inside the lens. A FLUFF! INSIDE!! *shakes head*) 

Sophie and I wandering took pictures down by the water, then sat and had greek dessert and talked about relationships. It was unexpected to hear that she had been worried about me. I wasn’t aware anyone else thought I was broken. Sobering, but not as much as what we found later. On our way to her home, we found a house we’d like to actually try buying. Lucky we like laughing so much.

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