party pikkies

Twenty minutes of putting together a post of the pictures from the birthday party and Adrians puter eats it. *growls* That having been said, onwards anew!

I’ve been going through pictures today. There’s been a few heavy on the shutter days that needed to be sifted through. The birthday ones are pretty amusing. They’re all a bit dark, but I like particularly how the wood panel walls of the house make a few of them look like fashion photography.

me, irma, mum, & ethan


rob, back of chris’ head, me, dominique‘s sister, sophie, back of dans head, & mike


ian, dominique, mike, & dan


 (approx 1 am) – dan and i after swapping shirts 


 (approx 2 am) – sophie as a pirate.. gypsy.. thing  


 (approx 4 am) – ethan (facemarkered) and dan (in entirely womens clothing)   

I suppose I should mention that no alcohol was involved. We were far wierder than drunk people and are held accountable for everything as we were playing a Game of 1000 Blank White Cards.  Plus- no – I am NOT posting pictures of my unwilling thigh hickey. Thank you for asking!

For those of you who’re interested, there is a pan sweep of the entire room  If you weren’t present, this will give you a general idea of what it was like from far earlier than the cross-dressing, costumes, and indecency cake.

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