I still can’t help her keeping twisted hate in my heart

I didn’t see Nic and Sandi until they were dancing. Then it was impossible for my eyes to wander elsewhere or to keep from smiling. They dance as if they were music, hands together and apart, swaying and flowing. They dance together and it’s like I can see how I have always wanted to move with someone in a perfect world.

Lexxi, I found you. Tag, you’re it.

I killed my shoulder on the floor last night. I forgot that I was wounded and dropped backward onto my hand. My legs gave out with the spike it tore through my joint. It used to be so effortless. Down, then up, spring off the fingers and up and around. It’s the little things that remind me. No more high shelves, no more reach, no more winning fights. Days like this even my mouse is a problem. I’m tempted almost to toss my arm in a sling, but not quite. It’s merely irritating, I tell myself, because I’m an idiot. I’m trusting a burning water shower will ease some of the pain.

Jenn and I will be spending time together today. I suspect it will never occur to me to call her Mrs. Brown. It was impossible, her wedding, spitting delightful eccentricities left and center. There was family there that hadn’t spoken to eachother for seven years minus a week. She brought it all together. I felt that she should have had wings, white feathers to scrape the sides of the hall. Her heart was glowing, practically visible through the rippling silk of her dress. I wanted the skill for decent photography then, so as to capture her with some sort of grace. The other girls cried when it came time, but I stood on stage and felt laughter bubbling upward, trying to pop in my throat to spill my delight into the air. There was no mercy.