not once today have I put on my shoes in spite of walking miles

Because it is four:twenty and therefore Hitler’s birthday, here are some Pope links:

  • bunny addresses papacy
  • all of your pope are
  • the very secret diaries of
  • it has father ted

    (this explains my logic)

    Your hand holds mine as a glove would, fingers crept down to the joints and our feet our feet swing in surety rhythm. I wish we had a signature reaction, some little thing that would be only ours, but I know it’s rather impossible these days. I can only measure our interaction with your presence, your loud voice and my intimate glances when I pin you to the wall with my tongue.

    Nowt exactly new news, but important: Google is now hosting video. Now it’s time for everyone to boot up the BroadCast Machine. As Warren pointed out, there’s no excuse any more for not uploading content on-line, especially with OurMedia‘s recent launch. (My account there is still too glitchy to work, is anyone getting results yet?). I’m looking into picking up a borrow on video gear from a friend of Alastair‘s for thelastfridays. P’raps we can edit something together keeping this in mind? It would be nice to have something to show for our efforts.

    There’s a certain language within language to interaction that’s not so much structure as road signs. I think my friends are lucky that I rail against, I realize that this would be simple, this would be effortless, so this is what I shall do. I realized with my hand on the latch how easy it would be to turn around, knock on the door, and shatter a mirror with two words or one or none but a touch of fingers on lips. I like knowing how to read allusions now. I like how I can watch a question coming in the way someone looks at me, by the silence of their face. (Once you, today’s you and a different you from my first paragraph, looked stunned and it wasn’t the turtle hat.)

    Do you ever visit a feeling which tells you, this, but for the grace of chance, is where your time-line would have led?