from inside the house

Thanks for the 365 mention, Warren!

My mother’s started a new project of her own this year, called the Live More Lightly Tour. Her idea is to drive her motorcycle cross country, playing folk music to raise sustainability awareness, while streaming live video from a camera mounted on her bike.

She’s hoping to get some attention, so I’d appreciate if you dropped in and said hello. Especially if you know, at all, what sort of gear she should be looking into. I expect this sort of concept to look crackling simple on the out-set, but to be unmercifully riddled with ugly technical difficulties that won’t be apparent until much farther in. If anyone knows of a similar project, and I’m sure there must be some, (I have yet to be the dutiful daughter and properly sweep the archives of we-make-money-not-art*), that would be great too. The more information she has going in, the safer she’ll be, and though I love my mother dearly, I’m not in any position to be sweeping in, attempting a rescue should she get stranded somewhere in the middle of the prairies.

*which, btw, has a syndicated LJ feed here.

Back to the 365, my friend Jesska‘s got an ambitious take on the project, she’s posting a daily triptych. Because she is crazy. Crazy like a superhero, but with polaroids in place of wearing her underwear on the outside of her pants.

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