some nights I wish I wasn’t sleeping alone, but the other options seem so much worse

365 day fifteen: in silence
365: day fifteen

I neglected the dirty work of living today. Entirely. I went out for tea which turned into breakfast which turned into finding myself still out in time for dinner at seven and walking home in the cold at one in the morning. Not that I walked, I caught a ride with some higher end time-share realtors who happened to be going my way, who glittered as they laughed, secure and lovely, and their friend who picked them up, smoking out the window as he drove, black leather, SUV, a higher tax bracket than I could breathe. This is my street, ribbed for her pleasure, Brian’s joke falling off my tongue. They tried to tipsy-memorize my building number as they dropped me off, and I told them they were welcome to drop by for tea. Anytime.

A Bill Waterson speech: some thoughts on the real world by one who glimpsed it and fled.