come back from the station

I woke suddenly this morning from dead monochrome dreams of smooth, terrifying men without fur. My children were still asleep, curled like rabbits in the hollows of my body, but I lay there awake, staring at the curved arch of my ceiling, trying to calm myself down. I’m supposed to be plugging into the collaborative network at night, but lately, I just haven’t been feeling up to it. Since Elsei was born, the piped in psycho-sedatives just haven’t been as fun.

Anyway, the merciless faces of these men were so strange that I wish I had better skill with a stylus, so I could show you. There was no emotional awareness at all, but they were devastating, utterly irresistible. Instead of soft black noses, they had fleshy beaks, like fish might if they’ve been stretched over a rack, and their eyes were odd, little wet globes pushed into their faces like marbles into clay. It was dazzling, how stark they looked, how blinding, as if they were a pivot from which something heavy could swing, industrial, heavy, and cold.

Who wants to watch Young Einstein?

One of my practically-heroes, filmmaker Yahoo Serious, (he had his name legally changed in 1980), has proposed a new flag design for Australia. I hope it takes off. I really appreciate how his brain works and entirely support not only his logic, but the design.

Letters from Johns.

Remember when the news came out that not only was there a re-make of The Day The Earth Stood Still going to be filmed, it was going to star Keanu can’t-act Reeves as Klaatu? Well, it turns out they’re filming it here in Vancouver. I just got the call, I’m going to be in it too. That they’re filming here AND during the writer’s strike seems to confirm my suspicions regarding what quality the film will be when it’s finished, because even though rationally I understand that the script was likely finished months and months ago, the haughty little film reviewer that lives in my heart just knows it’s going to be YouTube-comment-bad. Klaatu barada nikto, indeed.

But opinion aside, work is work and a paycheque is not only a paycheque but rent, food, and bus-fare, and I’m glad for it. Not only will I have fun doing what I’m doing, every day on set is a day I get paid to meet new people and another day farther from dubious Craigslist ads. (Not that I have anything against unique Craiglist postings, like this fellow who wants to play accordion with a metal band. More power to him, I think he’s great.) I’m sure that when it comes out, Ray will be one of the first in line to see it and Nicole and I will be standing staunchly by his side, ready to play real-life Mystery Science Theater 3000 from somewhere far too close to the screen.

Letters from Working Girls.

friendly rabbit reminder, this sunday

365 day twenty-four: calling you
365: twenty-four

Dan Johnson says,

Three weeks from today (Sunday the 27th) is Lewis Carroll’s birthday, which means once again it’s time for your LiveJournal to fall down a rabbit hole and document a different sort of day from the ones you always have. Get away from the same-old and be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else for a change!

The Rabbit Hole Day community remains

My previous Rabbithole entries: 2005, 2006, and 2007.

It’s only two days until Rabbit Hole Day!!

Korea wins at advertising.

I was rapt. Edge-jazz delicious. Oh yes.

Turns out not only was Benoit Delbecq* playing, it was in sexy, sexy duet with Andy Milne, founder of the continually tasty Dapp Theory!

Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, to continue with my impromptu Week of Fine Art that started so well with The Black Rider, I’ll be going to see Safa, an improvisational group made up of Amir Koushkani, Sal Ferreras and Francois fricking Houle, inspired by Sufi poetry and Persian classical music. They’re playing for free at the West Van Library at seven o’clock.

Also at the Library, earlier, from ten:thirty until noon, The Philospher’s Cafe is going to be hosting a discussion led by Conrad Hadland entitled “Is Richard Dawkins delusional?”. Michael and Howler and I are going. As far as I know, they’ve never met, but I expect we’ll have fun. Black humour is black humour, after all, no matter how healing-crystal the vocabulary.

In other news, I aced a job interview today, and have a secondary interview on Monday that I’m feeling optimistic about. If all goes well, I’ll have a Real Job with an illustration licensing company down on Granville Island come February. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Considering what Vancouver’s like, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. (I’m still working on that whole Driver’s License thing though, so if anyone’s got a car and a spare hour…)

*listen especially to line 6, found on pianobook.

speaking of experimental artists, I’m going to see Benoit Delbecq tonight

365 day twenty-three: portrait of a girl
365: day twenty-three

Avant-Garde Dating is a new experimental dating service for artists. Very experimental. Hosted by Wooloo, an artists-run organization based in Berlin, it’s not for actually for dating at all, but exists soley to host a competition exploring issues associated with relationships. To apply, artists must explain how they will pry at the sticky conventions of monogamous love, challenge the very idea of artistic collaboration and/or explore one of the other diverse stereotypes of human pairing. Based on the applications, a Dating Board will pair artists off with each other, then later judge the “winners”, as three of these couples will be later awarded a one week exhibition during the Art Forum in Berlin to “further explore the concept of human partnering.” No, I am not applying.

Anyone up for teaching me to drive, like, yesterday?

edit: yay brian! any other takers? this has shuffled to the urgent pile of my things-to-get-done.

not in the budget

“Americans are benevolently ignorant about Canada, while Canadians are malevolently well informed about the United States.”
– John Bartlett Brebner, Canadian historian (1895-1957)

Not sure how I missed this back in September: US shocked to learn that world’s longest undefended border is long, undefended.

Next up, water is wet, fire burns, and TSA agents are sadistic semi-fascist pod people.

Which reminds me, I’m going to need to get my passport soon. Very soon. Anyone interested in having thier picture taken? Nice portraits for cheap.

hope this is enough warning

365 day twenty-two: keep a light on
365: twenty-two

In is down, down is front. Out is up, up is back. Off is out, on is in. And of course, left is right and right is left. A drop shouldn’t and a ‘block and fall’ does neither. A prop doesn’t and a cove has no water. Tripping is OK. A running crew rarely gets anywhere . A purchase line buys you nothing. A trap will not catch anything. A gridiron has nothing to do with football. Strike is work, (a lot of work). And a green room, thank mercy, usually isn’t. Now that you’re fully versed in theatrical terms, break a leg. But not really.

Tonight there’s a group of us going down to the Art’s Club to see The Black Rider, a play written by Tom Waits, Robert Wilson, and William S. Burroughs.

Plan: Meet there at 7:00. Show’s at 7:30.

excuse me?

My f-list just did a fun little thing. All in row, skonen_blades sends me an e-mail with the news, Keith sends a messenger note, warren_ellis sends out a related Bad Signal, then wyldkyss, quipper, smogo, robotangel, flemco, useless_facts, cmpriest, benpeek, city_of_dis, rollick, budgie_uk, and ladyjaida all post to varying degrees that an actor named Heath Ledger has just been found dead. Then calamityjon, a voice of reason, comes to the fore, “Wow, CNN is reporting that Allan Melvin died. Crazy.”

(I love calamityjon).

So, fess up people, who the heck was Heath Ledger that he merits this blogging explosion? Isn’t this sort of thing fairly low down the list of important information? I’ve never even heard of him.

Me, I would think Man Found Overdosed In Mary Kate Olson’s Apartment would be the big head-line.