hoping Kyle’s camera arrives in time to make some money

Violent storm uncovers Nazi bunkers buried by sand for 63 years.

I’m planning for my trip back east in September today, figuring Greyhound tickets and time out of the office. (The first official e-mail to my boss just happened). I’m trying to arrange to work remotely while I’m gone, as I’m doing nothing that should glue me to this particular desk. It should be okay. Fingers crossed.

From a quick poke at the Greyhound website, the best trip I can find has us leaving Sept 18th at 6:30 in the morning, ($287.50), arriving in Montreal at 10:20am on the 20th or 21st, leaving Montreal on Thursday, September 25, for Toronto, ($77.40), going to the wedding on the 27th, and leaving Toronto for Vancouver on the 29th, ($287.50), which should bring us back in time for October 1st. This gets David and I out there and back for a total of 652.40 plus some tax, which is about how much it would cost for one on-sale plane ticket. I’m going to physically go to the bus-station, though, and have them figure it out, as maybe we’ll get lucky and find out that booking everything at once makes for a round-trip ticket discount. Anyone have any odd jobs they wouldn’t mind throwing my way? I’m surprisingly handy. Even better, I’ll do a blog post for you by donation. How’s that?

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