can’t you imagine him in a classical painting, all big hair and tiny horns?

  • Wikipedia: a list of raw materials used in button making.

    What are people doing for Hallowe’en? We don’t have a costume concept, let alone a party plan. Blasphemy! Unheard of! I would be ouraged, except that it’s an annual issue. Once again, like every year, I had some utterly fantastic ideas early on, around February or March, that I have completely forgotten. Things I remember liking were the low rez girl and the Lichtenstein couple, (see also: these girls), as well as a seriously dashing faun costume at Teatro Zinzanni that added an incredibly handsome men’s corset to the regular furry legs. In the back of my head is an idea to go as Sputnik and Laika, a retro nod to the history of future, wrapped in tin-foil and fun fur paws, but I haven’t run it past Tony yet. Given his fluffy head, I’ll argue, I totally get to be the satellite.

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