Tomorrow I’ll start really being here, tomorrow I’ll find friends.

No place to stay. Flying in, I watched outside my window as the plane crossed the line from day into darkness and it made me smile to myself, knowing that just seeing that puts me on the cusp of history. At first there are only mountains, if you’re going east. Endless white capped rocks as far unto the horizon and then abruptly, the cloud parts and everything below you is plains. I felt a pang akin to crying when I first caught sight of the city three hours later, the rosy glow seemed like home. I’m in the basement of a hotel now, across the street from the airport. A kind clerk named Manny opened the business room for me to use the internet and attempt to find a place to stay. My paid 15 minutes was up five minutes ago yet now I’ve some hostels and some hope. Downtown will be interesting, the five year gap will be glaringly apparent and as invisible as air, already I know some things have changed.

Dear friends, I miss you. You’re loved as now as ever. I’ll be back when my time on this ticket allloted runs out.

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