don’t be shy because you think what he does is -poetry-

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Come see Shane Koyczan perform work from his new book. You miss this and you miss a tiny piece of literary history. I can’t think of an international poetry championship he hasn’t won. He’s opened for Ani DiFranco, Spearhead & Saul Williams, and got back from sharing a stage at the 2005 Edinburgh Book Festival with Margaret Atwood, John Saul, and Salman Rushdie in time for a Vancouver dinner with Neil Gaimen.


Thursday, November 10, 2005 @ The Anza Club 3 West 8th Avenue (at Quebec) 8:00 pm.

Admission Free

Some things to know about Shane that you may or may not know:

He’ll be opening for legendary Canadian rock band The Rheostatics on their West Coast Tour in November 2005

He’s performed with Utah Phillips, Maya Angelou & Quincy Troupe

He cuddles like his poems promise.

He will be performing solo and with T.O.F.U. There’ll be a DJ and drinks and poetry and it will be a damned better sight than you’d ever found on a Thursday before.

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