accented with a wet outlook today

  • Landmines now being cleared with arrows.

    The world gave us snow last night. It paralyzed parts of me. My creature mind went blitzing beyond compare. I wanted to drag my lovely out of bed. Look! I wanted to say. It’s snowing! Come dance with me!

    It was rain by the time I opened my eyes again. Another moment lost to the dark.

    The last time there was such a snow fall was just before New years two years ago. I was walking to the bus with Adrian from my first time at Rowan and Dominique’s house. He took a picture or two, but they didn’t turn out.

  • Aerial signposts point to Scientology’s sacred text storage facility.

    Work has given me extra hours today. I’m going to be working from four until eight. There were no other plans for today. I have no plans all week. It’s surreal, but let me say yes when they asked me if I could come in.

    It’s not that I don’t want plans. I have been trying, but I am still somehow unable to find people.

    Shane and I have been playing an odd phone tag. Congratulations, I want to say, when I pick up the phone instead of the answering machine. Mercy, I am alive and as difficult to find as you are. Poetry rolls over the line, measured as come play poker with me. I don’t know how and nor do you so maybe we can teach everyone else how not to drink so much. It was cold out. I said no but call me later. He did, but now it was too late. My turn to ring.

  • The Vancouver Ridge Theater is closing its doors.

    What the hell are you up to?

    (all the real humans are hiding)