this is your fault

There. I said it. In this city, none of Them matter because this week you aren’t here.

I stare at my ceiling after I turn off the light. If you weren’t so wonderful, I could rid myself of the focus. If you weren’t so trapped like a bird in my heart. It’s innocence skinned to flesh. New to air and miserable, but joy spattered. It’s worse in the darkness. I can hear you breathing. The strength of your smile could send me to crime, but it’s keeping me from regrettable shallow incidents. It’s a toss-up. It’s a glamour.

I hate the need I get once a month.

Kill me.
Just tell me what I need to get it damned well addressed.

My Anti-Drug is Jhayne

Can anyone recommend a good photography community? I miss having wonderful pictures.

I need a camera again. Very badly. Would anyone like to come over and take silly art pictures? I can’t guarentee they’ll turn out any good with only my point and click, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve got a lovely idea regarding ribbons.

In about an hour I’m to meet Javina. She called this morning, but the phone was in the other room and I missed it. Her voice is as surprisingly familiar as her picture. I suppose in such a small place, this isn’t strange, but it’s still has me wondering.

Gavin, roomie, gave his Notice last night. I’m going to miss him, though lately we’ve been rather wrapped in our own worlds. One step in the process of leaving behind. James is to move in, though details have yet to be worked out. The landlord will want to meet him, and he’ll have to give Gavin money for his half of the damage deposit.