least we’re jumping to amusing heights

FM – tophat 2
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All dressed in uniform. Bone machine get-up, scintillating genius went into the design. Couldn’t you tell?

Looks like I’m going off in other directions for my halloweening. Warren, (who I recently saw described as “Our Cruel Overlord”. Thumbs up for collecting some odd people), sent me to a haunting site today: http://www.alternity.co.uk/

Depending on time and material contraints, I’m thinking a Steampunk hooker would be terrifically fun. Blue lights on black stockings and edging a corset with something improbable. I used to have little sparkers, if I could dig those out, it could be as wicked as a Jack-In Jack the Ripper of Velvet InfoFeeds.

I’ve always wanted an excuse for naughty underwear.

You really should have been a Dickensian fantasy

I am a goof. Also: Diepunyhumans icon.

My world obviously likes me.


Lying in bed, his head cradled on her arm, her body curled against his. His voice is quiet, accented from far away. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you this. I just, I dunno. The other day when you were over, I was watching you sleeping.” He shifts a little, his hair against her skin like cat fur. “Just your face, it was morning. I can’t really describe it.” She smiles to herself, partially expecting what’s coming. “You just looked… Perfect” Laughter. “No, not perfect, but.. unreal. It sounds stupid, but it’s true” She’s amused now, idly wondering what comes next. “Course, this next bit, it’s not the sort of thing I could really say to anyone else, but it’s okay with you. I know you wouldn’t get creeped out or anything. It’s just… you also looked dead” Her eyes open, she’s smiling to crack now. “Dead?” “Yes, well, I’ve never seen a dead person but you looked peaceful. Like the dead are supposed to look” She thinks back to the dead people she’s seen. No peace there, but on the television maybe. She understands what he means. “Like angels” she says. Mythology fills her mouth. “They’re not alive, yet they’re beautiful” “Yes”, he says, “like an angel”