I’m addicted to Wolf Parade

I think to myself why I wouldn’t kill for you. Icy sparks of hazardous material flashing behind my eyes, creating blue out of gray. Nostalgia music. Technically I sing this song of desire for more than you. What I whimper I give to you, but I create it now to be shared. The touch of my hands outside is the same. Communication whispering in the dark behind me. It’s gone now, cut free to the world, down by freeway. Monogamous addiction like morphine breathing. I miss you when I’m waiting, so blistering pretty, dolled up for you. One day I’ll start taking pills. Darkest twist of medicine for humming blood and body and breath. Down, down until a holy day. It’s better than literacy, it’s Love. Down until the smallest echo of hello dies on your dry lips. Kiss me with them. Steal my soul you sucker boy. Etch your words into my flesh with skillful fingers. Create a museum to place our ordinary moments on display.
Visit. You’re close.

Take your hands off the keyboard and come to me.

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