Cannabis Day

Off to play the Ghoddess Cannabasita for the Nth year running. Time to strap on my wings. *grinning* I forgot completely last year and got phonecalls telling me I was a bad person from people I hadn’t seen since year previous. I haven’t set it up this year, but the last few, I’ve just been handed a large bag of bud to hand out randomly. It’s super fun.

2 pm – vancouver art gallery

be there or be lame

W – T – F ???

Today has been wierd. I’ve left my house to recieve an unprecendented amount of attention from people. Walking to the busstop, someone says they “like my outfit”, then 2 seperate people on the bus, then someone at the bank line-up, then across the street “that looks really good”, then someone while walking by the gelati shop, than an entire table of italians on the block with the liquer store, “bello! bello!”, some guy in the party/coffee shop and his friend, than a group of children at the park, and thier parents, then the next block, a woman outside sweet cherabim, then a woman who “biked the last three blocks to catch up with you. I just HAD to say you look fantastic!”. Then there was a respite for half a block, when I ran into Shane. Hooray sanity. Walking away from him though, I plowed through a group of men, like seven of them, who all stopped to talk at me. “Pretty mamacita”. I almost swear I could hear Shane laughing at me from across the street. I made it another half block after that until the group of teen boys, then the construction workers in the park, “nice dress”. Then the landlord.


what the hell is WRONG with this city today????