just notes and letters

*Shane’s voice* Salutations!

As Lick fell through, I stayed waiting for the miracle until ten o’clock. At ten:ten I decided I must leave, so I shouldered my bag and left my shoes at home. Zesty’s was empty, so I just kept walking. Decided to fetch Sorbet from Super-Valu and keep hitting houses until I found someone with spoons. I decided if the search went fruitless, I would even knock on the doors of homes I did not know, provided that they had lights on and music playing. Minimum six houses with Raspberry melting in my bag. Marc not home, nor Jaques, nor Peter, nor Mike, nor Cath, nor Dimni, not one house with light and song. Everyone out on a Sat night, and I alone, stalking the streets, searching for company. Lucky Zesty’s is also on the way home.

C.R. caught me on my way by. Reached out a hand and said “hallo!” I’m not sure I would have seen them otherwise. The poetry people recognize me faster than I them sometimes. Curses on blindness. This week I go look at frames. Shane had some Fudge Colour for me that Ivan Coyote had given him. It’s like a link in a chain of barter system. Ivan got crunched this week. Idiot woman bashed her yesterday on Granville and no one stepped up to help. You think the world has come so far and then… *sighs*

In another turn of sillyness, as if to prove yet again the inscestuousness of Vancouver, on our caravan way to C.R.s place for the after the after party party, we collected Robin, the girl I was dancing with at Lick.