geek bonding

Time for some media sharing, I think. I’ve a little time until I’m taking Robin  to the waterpark. Less time until my Gavool comes on-line. There’s nothing I feel like writing today without some serious effort put in, so this is what’s left.

The Cat With Hands is a dark little film. Sweet and something to scare small children with. Heavy on the artistry and some very nicely done stop motion animation. I enjoy slightly creepy things and this is certainly going on the favorites list. If anyone grabs it, I’d love a copy.

There are now glowy popsicles. Gimmicky but I want one anyways. We should scour the land searching for 7-11s that carry them. Foodthings with thier own lightsource are nummier.

I’ll toss Yatta on this list too, because, well, it’s that kind of day. That surreal bit with the girl goes really nicely with the growl and purr of the Indy cars drifting through the window. Plus it’s so easy and happy-go-lucky. For the heck of it. Here’s another strange Japanese short – Seaman Ship.

Something a bit more political and even more disturbing is someone’s personal site. Their American god blesses Presidents that are Cowboys. I wish, of course, this didn’t exist, but also I think it expresses quite succinctly the views of the folk I don’t believe in until I meet them.

To apologise for inflicting the above on you, I now direct you to the eloquent Grandiloquent Dictionary This is the result of an ongoing project to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words in the English language. It also contains a few words which do not have equivalent words in English. At present, the dictionary contains approximately 2300 words, though it is constantly growing. It makes me happy. In the same vein is Sniggle: The CultureJammers Encyclopedia.

Also William Shatner, Joe Jackson, and Ben Folds combine like an audio pop playing voltron for your entertainment. Shatner has somehow escaped the horrid doom of B actors by caching in on his cheezefactor. Joe Jackson, on the other hand, is alive?? They’ve got another song that James  played for me awhile back that I really must collect off-line sometime.

For those of you who are also little burdgening media pirates, there’s a post up in   that has set up all 129 videos from the Submarine Channel up for download. Another video I have a crush on is the one for Satisfaction by Benny Benassi. It’s so tongue-in-cheek that too many people get offended. I, of course, crack up.

This is for the students who are toiling away. (Especially the lovely Victoria). British Depth Study. You’re a young politician in 1908 Britain. The rest of you will find a few minutes distraction. Makes me think somehow, not sure why, of the Museum of Depressionist Art. I think it’s how I’m secretly not bitter at all.

Course, what I’m seriously looking at right now is the Safety and Legal Awareness Courses and Training page of the The Explosives Regulatory Division. I’ve been recently reminded how very much I was hoping to take that course a few years ago, but age restrictions, blah blah. Then I was hit by a truck. I don’t know if I want to get my indoor or outdoor first. They’re $100 each. If I remember in three months, I’m doing it.

Anyhoo – this is likely enough of a list for people to get some strange ideas about what I do with my time late at night. Likely accurate ones too. Ghods I love the net.

Alrighty – this is barely any warning, but ILLUMINAIRES is this Sat!

Illuminares, an evening lantern procession around Trout Lake, July 24, 2004

  • Start Time: 7pm
  • Lantern Procession: 9pm
  • Fireworks: 10:15pm


I know it’s been going a bit downhill the past few years, but still – want to give it the doubt? I hate going to things alone. I won’t make you build a lantern even.

it’s two:thirty and I seem to have written a letter

I’m keeping myself up trying to talk to you here. Writing words and phrases and now it’s two o’clock. You’re long asleep with Bliss. Wish for some sort of transfer, like polaroid onto paper, that would let me ride her mind for the night. Be a shedding curl of fur alongside your body. I was almost sorry that I didn’t get to spend the night at the studio that once when Ian and Mishka were off and like lost. I think it would have been that much of a true feeling to wake there than the basement. Sleeping alone but without other bodies in the room. Waking to colour. Seems such a strangely familiar place, that studio, as if I’ve been there in a dreaming. Nothing of it was strange when I got there, more like I was reminding myself of the details. Being me, I apply logic to it though. I’m one of the Voltaire Bastards. I figure that it must be that I grew up in such places, though that feels like the wrong explanation. Instruments instead of paintings perhaps, so less of a warm feel, emptier maybe, with power cords and false chrome stands, but similar spaces. Rooms forgotten by everyone else and so available for living in by the creative poor.