bleeding on the dancefloor is SO goth

The clock clicked to three the minute I opened the door of the car last night.

“and as she’s straightening her stockings, her hair has gotten wet”

Mishka and Ian came over last evening. Michelle was to be present too, but her childcare had gone missing. It was the first time the two of them had met and I can safely say it went successfully. We will more than survive the 12 hour drive and week together. With the right music, we’ll glory in it. There was an amusingly busy point with the three of us in my room, with Victoria, Kyle, and my brilliant Gavin on-line, and Jaques on the phone. I can’t imagine how frighteningly witty it would have been if everyone had been present in person. Later on, we and roomie-Gavin met up with Jaques at Wazubis on our trek for gelati. (I love that we have pictures). He and Ian started into a seriously amusing debate. Basically boiled down it was Spirituality VS Science, with Ian as the Voice Of Modern Reason.In the meantime, Mishka and I had stolen his friend, (whose name escapes me). She’s a piano teacher who accompanied Mishka years ago.

One of the things I really dislike about Van is the smallness of it all. The ONLY benifit of living here, I think, it the sheer social inscestuous. After awhile, it IS possible to know everyone. It’s one of my favorite things to mesh social groups together. Let Them meet They and toss them both at Us. It’s beautiful when it gets big enough. Stop the world for a moment and revel in it. Tangles nets of interaction catching new people as we go. Glorious.

We didn’t stay very long after the staff of the restuarant moved us inside. A half hour more of fetish nights and computer ed. We walked out around quarter to twelve still laughing onto the street. Mishka and Ian turn out to have people in common too. *love* It’s going to be a fun ride.

After Mishka went off home, glowing in the dark with her sunburn, Ian and I went off to Sanctuary’s last night at the Purple Onion. It’s strange to think that I’ve been going for five years. We ran into Beth and Miyama and gave them a ride home before heading in ourselves. Crow was there with his new girl, Micky. (She looks sort of interchangable with all the others I’ve known him to date). It didn’t stop him from watching me dance. I have a suspician that our relationship had been previously explained to her. *laughter* There were a few other people I knew there, but as it was after midnight, I’m sure most of everyone had gone home. Pity, but I pushed myself and danced util the last song in spite of the broken glass, so I’m happy.