today I ache in muscles I’d forgotten I had

Busy as it was, yesterday was right. Everything that was to be done got done, everyone visited was visited. New people were met and I ended my night dancing. Well, actually, I ended my night sharing a cab with a boy I’d met at a useless bustop. We walked back to the club together and we waited outside. He was attached to Evad and crew, and we rode together to Commercial and Hastings. More of that meeting people thing.

The potluck was nice, Mishka came along and we brought pie, though fairly foodless for me. Met the friends from back east of Matthews, though only remember the names of Rowan and Jeremy. There was frisbee in the backyard until the Glick Garden was at too much risk. Playing in the dark with a black frisbee with a blind girl. Yeah, we moved inside. Plus – mosquitos. Mosquitos suck. *ducks*

The party at Alicias was busy. Watermelon and lots of people wandering around in bedsheet togas. People had come out for Vic whom I haven’t seen in half an age, though I mostly sat on the couch with Tim and Mishka, drinking scary peach bilini’s that Vic insisted on giving us. It was nice to see friends having fun, and just as nice to have Mishka meet them.

She had a gig this morning so she wasn’t up for going dancing afterwards, though she wanted to. I think her ex was there though, so it’s likely for the best. She dropped me off and I ended up in the tiny line around midnight. I met an english boy through lending them my jacket, pinstripes matching, and we pretended to be a couple to get in faster. There were fewer people there that I knew, but I’m not used to coming in so late. When inside, I just hit. Straight to the floor and hard. Johnathan was there, drunk and so far more friendly than usual. I’ll forgive his hands and teeth because I’m like that. He didn’t leave any marks and I got to laugh and grab his hands.

When I got home I was soaked through from dancing. Taste of salt and honey. I’d danced on the side against the wall, a bit with the english boy, but mostly by myself. A successful night when people compliment me without expectation. The people who asked me to dance, I all turned away, though I have a promise from the European fellow that he’ll ask me to dance next month. He held my hand after I winked at him. We get along. We talked outside while flagging down cabs. “Beauty before age.” Inside I was laughing at myself so hard it hurt. I’ve already forgotten his name.