soft slinky grace

*superexciteyjhayne* I’m getting a FERRET!!!!!!!!!! She’s going to spend my week away with Bliss. *love* I want to rush through my week now. Run past the hours and minutes until when I can meet her little furry paws. She’s about 8 months old, and I don’t really know anything else yet. *swoons* FERRET!


and yay! Jaques is making me breakfast! Then to work, where I call Calgary, then to Silva’s for evening wonderfulness.

I love the world.

a little cat, paw raised : the machine recalibrates

Everything is coming together. I’ve been missing some people lately, but I’ve been snatching hugs off them on the street when I see them, I suppose I’m alright. Ian and Mishka are getting along fabulously, as are Gavin and Ian. Mishka’s not connected enough to the chat interface to be able to properly use it to talk with anyone. We went out to dinner at Wazubi’s yesterday and we explained to her how it’s possible for there to be culture memes that exist soley on the internet that sweep the entire planet. *grins* Media sharing itself in even one line. “badger badger badger” “All your Base” It’s a ping of information in real time, in experience. We don’t have to explain it to one another, because we bond through media sharing. We can’t properly sit and talk wit someone in Venezuala, so we send them a film clip we like. “Mah spoon is too big!” And they bleed out in to the world. It’s wonderful.

Lately I’ve been hooking people into Livejournal, explaining it’s the only network system I’ve ever found to actually work. More reliable than the random chance I-met-this-guy-at-a-party-that-could-tell-you. Communities under the surface of the city and growing. It’s a pity almost that hardly anyone goes to meet-ups. To meet the other people that allow this to happen, to KNOW when you pass them on the street. Gavinroomie and I suspect that there is a LiveJournal user in the building, and we wonder who it is. Bruce Sterling wrote a short story once, Maneki Neko. In it there is a purely network community, (bluetooth similar), who effects things in realtime all the time. A barter system and a gifting. I’m not usually a fan of Bruce Sterling, but the ideas are wonderul. The network swallowed into your life creating a richer community, a better place to be living in the world. Favours and words out on the net. Friends not even known, working everyday to help.

We need a password, a handshake. Tiny moments of Jive. A term we speak to be overheard.