Alrighty – I am way too fascinated.  There’s a new alternate reality deconstructionist puzzle game. Like House of Leaves, but on-line, for those who don’t play them. (See here).I am wholly in love and getting sucked headfirst into  There’s a ‘so far the run through’ page here at I may not emerge from my room the next few days. I will be too absorbed. This is slick work. It’s pretty how well this is being done. Has this ever been done on-line before? Is this a legitimately new thing as pure marketing??? I am strongly suspecting that Mark Danielewski might be an inspiration to the writer of thier mysterious text, perhaps even the artist behind the thing. The syntax, the writers fingerprint strikes similar.

It’s an interesting site to use as the jump off base. Margaret runs her own honey business in Napa Valley, California. Dana, her niece, has been building and running the website. Dana has been trying to fix the problem, as mentioned in her blog (, but everything so far has only been attacked with code and hidden text as well. The text creates full fairy-tale stories and letters with Shakespeare references and pieces of Classic novels interspersed with lines from the U.S Army Handbook creating the narrative of someone shipwrecked on an empty sand beach. The blog, by the way is entirely fictional. Utterly. All of it is except the other players. Well, SOME of the other players. It’s a beautiful thing the mystery people have going. These, of course, are pretty much assumptions. Gads it’s pretty. Entirely false maybe real universes. My favorite.

As the discovery of this “hacking” is tied to the Halo ii trailer release of a few days ago this is quite easily a marketing ploy, in the later frames, the was replaced with, but I do not care. This is too nice. Too perfect. I haven’t played one of these in an age.There is a countdown what leads to the end of Augus. I have a feeling that they will be unable to end it satisfactorally, but Microsoft is finally doing something worthwhile. They’re finally making Art with thier money.

This is enthralling.


So it looks like the rabbithole has far better production than the actual game. Pity.

I can’t vouch for the sexual favours

Just got this letter. Come out and support our local artists!!

CR Avery is in trouble… not sure if you know about the play he’s doing right now “gonna change my tune”… anyways the theatre is going to shut him down unless he can pack the place… the last few nights have been dead… what with luminares and such… they actually tried locking him out of the theatre… so we’re just trying to put bums in seats at this point… it’s a great show so if you could put word out on the radar we’d appreciate it… the show is at the railtown theatre 138 e cordova… doors at 8:30 $10 if you can afford $10… $5 and sexual favours if you can’t.

Choce bit from work:

i just got over this girl but i couldn’t get to sleep cuz i thought about her and had a dream about her but i am over her!!

PS i need a gf

and in the other corner:

I have a problem . I just got over likeing this guy and i had a dream about him laast night and i don’t now what to do because i’m oveer him,but after in my dream he said he likes me but i don’t now? P.S. I NEED A BF
sWEET AND sOUR power

I love this job.

some illuminaires pictures, well the before dark or faerie dust sort at least, to be found at Mostly Ethan on a tall bike.

I didn’t know I could look like that

I’m tired, covered with glitter, smell faintly of hotub, have no hickies, have been to a festival, two parties and and helped someone move, all while successfully avoiding the menfolk, and have arrived home at ten:thirty the next day in someone else’s clothing. *cackles* I think Illuminaires was a success this year. Just a bit.
take you away to the story, my dear