We have a guest this week from New York. Serena, a fellow global freeloader, is going to be staying here a few days.

Her blurb:

24 year old New York State native(Woodstock)looking to see Vancouver for a week or less.  First stop on a thre week northwest trip. please.  I have a sleeping bag and am not afraid to use it..  Have lived in Sao Paolo, San Francisco and NYC.  I design clothes but am getting into tattooing…I don’t cook so will not mess up your kitchen.  Mostly I want to wander around during the day and dance at night;soak it all up on week-long stay.  Grateful for some company but feverishly independent.  Honestly easy-going.

Seems accurate so far. Tonight I’m bringing her along to the Poetry Slam.


lightbulb day

I seem to be a little adult now. Hah.

I have ex’s now. Actual ones. I’ve recieved a hateful phonecall at four in the morning from one. That should be worth points. I walk barefoot with no one to tell me otherwise. I do dishes without protest. I have a box of my own. I have a ferret who lives in a box as well. My responsibilities are my own and I enjoy having them. The few I do not enjoy I accept as neccesary and do not question them. The books on my shelf are worth reading. I have a relationship I trust from nails to marrow. I change my sheets. My mother pays for nothing in my life. I have friends. Intelligent ones who know more than I do. I am never asked for ID. People I respect like my music. When I have an opinion it is not brushed of out of hand because obviously I am too young to know what I am talking about. The majority of my friends do not live with thier parents. I’ve almost positive I have stopped growing upwards. I have bought furniture. That should also be points. I have no curfew. I can trouble-shoot my computer troubles to a reasonable degree. I can tell off creeps with impunity. People watch me when I walk down the street. There is no -teen on the end of my age. If dinner is to only be gelati, then so be it.

I like who I am these days.