deadpool log

mon: Up too early to non-existant ice-cream. ian had lied. he is now first on my list. the odds are swinging into my favour. we drowsed on the ferry to vancouver island. ethan asleep was a target, but perhaps he still might be useful. keep that one for later. on the highway, safe in the back of the car, I took my nap. finally at denman, the tent is set up and the cabin explored. there is not much here. treees, some water, same as the city, really, minus the things to do. we visit the main store and choose a terrible movie. we are in like mind on this one, none of us are awake enough for anything requiring thought. we chose perfectly. the latest james bond movie is not only improbable every minute, but contains scenes like the lazer disco fight sequence. this is not a bad movie, this is teh flim. has to be seen to be believed. don’t do it. save yourself. aie.

tues: we take a walk out to sandy hook island. it used to be a military base. perhaps there will be useful weapons. the crossbow is an option, especially as I have been waking before everyone else, but somehow, it is the obvious way and so therefore the least interesting. it is a long walk over water and desert all at once. the sand flats are odd. the island less so. simply and island full of camping non-entities. ians father has come upon the scene. everything shifts as we find a common enemy. he is now the one to go first. in the evening, we watch the ring.

wed: I am snubbed by a llama. this makes me sad.

wed: we walk through trees to eagle rock. the seashore is amazingly interesting. there are animal living in among the compressed stones. bright purple sea stars attached to the underside of vast climbing monolioths of sedementary rock. the water was green and rich, inviting, and beautiful. eagle rock is like a rock sculpted by a madman. the water has created holes and lace in the raw rock with salt deposits glittering randomly. Later we set out in the canoe. Ian could have been pushed in, but the effort of dragging the canoe out with only the two of us seemed too much to be worth it.

thurs: tensions are rising slightly though father is gone. I suppose disposing of such things increase stress.