Our mythical children will grow up rich

The Hanged Man says:

K. Let me know when it is in hand. Also: Does being ready for around 8:30 AM tomorrow work for you?

camping mon – fri says:

oh christ

camping mon – fri says:



slave boy
clean tub
massage oils
passionfruit gelati
8 skeins of silk
Course, it would have to be a slaveboy because otherwise, oh the guilt at having someone else clean my tub.
Ian has promised that I get to wake up to ice-cream if I’m up and ready by 8:30. It’s going to work.
Last night was nice. Many many introductions. I’m becoming a familiar face there again. Either that or a girl in a little nightie with pigtails is somehow more approachable than someone decked out in spikes. I’m uncertain if it was worth the sharp pain that I seem to be bathing in now. I feel like an utter idiot. *sighs* Pulling up on the week where I want my lovely here to play with my hair. The days where I crave affection like breathing. On the dancefloor there was someone who moved like him a little. Tall too and shaped like a hypothetical little brother might be. Some millworker named Galen. Continually thrown off, I finally got tired of it and made certain to keep him in front of me because, wow, was catching Gavin in the corner of my eye getting irritating. *grinning* It felt incestuous somehow to give him the thumbs up when he picked up my friend. *laughter* 

from cyberpunk

Taking two popular icons and pitting them against each other is part of a grand tradition in film, whether in Freddy vs. Jason, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Kramer vs. Kramer or Star Trek V. The Final Frontier. Opening today and following in these films’ deep footsteps is Alien vs. Predator.

Never, though, has your local cinema seen a pairing like this. The coiled intensity of the Predator and raw passion of the Alien make for sexual tension so thick you can barely slice it with a shoulder-mounted laser bazooka. This is the feel-queasy monster love story of the year, a tale that makes Van Helsing look like Van Wilder. In terms of excitement, it’s all the Alien movies added up and multiplied by both Predators. “

Alien VS Predator: the film we missed

If this was the movie, I would have been first in line.