this should be a bit more than amusing

Tonights de-tox from wretched children:

***(All Ages)***
Cost: $5 2-$3 Skate Rentals
Stardust 10240 135th St Surrey


I had the page up all day vaguely considering going, then Beth popped on-line just as I was despairing a little bit at the only-oppressive-because-I’m-alone gray evening outside and voila! a plan! A scheme! I’m so not going to fall down as much as I think I will!!

mini edit – this has to be a perfect song to get ready for rollerskating to

every word a link : also -> every page of transmet.

I love the internet. Everything ends up here eventually. It is possible to go an entire day only finding new things. People make up this digital world and people are strange and wonderful creatures, full of odd twists and turnings. Passions unknown and sated with strange curiousities. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?


the kids are playing truth or dare

I love that good friends twice my age will greet people on the phone with “Yay!” It tells me somehow that I have the right friends.

I re-discovered The Birthday Party today. I was lucky enough to be pointed thier direction when I was living in Toronto. The quiet joy of knowing musicians. They were just starting out in 2000 and they were called Imajica then, which is why I lost them. It’s quite precious music and thier site is beautifully put together if certain death for dial-up. If I had a credit card, I would buy thier albums rather than pirate.

Which reminds me, if anyone knows what happened to the Jonah Complex, I would quite like to know. I caught them once at Lee’s Palace and fell utterly in love. They could be a dead project for all I know, but I sincerly hope not.

In other news, Jeff has finally updated. More tiny snippets of life in Japan, though for that in specific I strongly suggest you visit the journal of Momus. He’s on a music tour of right now and gifting us with rich entries full of culture and recordings of fascinating snippets of life. There’s sound clips and video and his writing is simply superbly informative. I learn something interesting and new every time he updates. Links between ancient Greece and Japan with links to essays; the particular robes young girls wear to watch the fireworks with the delicate sound that thier geta make on the stone streets; recording history and art and people and pictures. It’s multi-media experiencing, intellectually glorious.

i hope it helps true

Two hours of words eaten by a crash. Serve me right attempting to multi-task full throttle on a machine that randomly crashes whenever it’s heavy java. Even not mentioning that it hasn’t been on for days. *shakes head* It went smoothly for a full three hours. *whines* All my little letters… ees and queues and esses. Into the void. *laughter* Serves me right. Whiny pissant girl.

Arrived home to a gritty odour warning that perhaps the ferretlove may be in trouble. I have no allergies yet my eyes want to shut against the air. The roommate has failed. I think my fish may be dead and the answering machine politely informs me that I missed Darina’s wedding at 2 pm this afternoon. The box is full of poptart boxes and empty pop bottles. He is not home for me to wax wrathful at, which is odd, because we’ve come in at 11 pm. I suppose tomorrow he dies. Roommate malfunction in sector two-oh-one. I’ll mother him if I have to get the guilt glands running. Wax whatever it takes, actually. The moon will fall and drown in his damned sorrow if my little one is hurt. Poor lovely ferret was SO happy to be out of the cage that he was bounding into EVERYTHING. Walls, ankles, self, other walls. Obvious the darling hadn’t been out of the cage all week. A little furry tube of springing joy. I said to Ian and Ethan as they packed endless cobs of corn into the fridge that I was a bad mommie. Ian said, “no – it’s daddy who’s bad” and I had a split second where I caught myself thinking, “no.. daddy’s in Ka … damn brain..” He’s out there asleep now. I have the oddest suspicion that the roommate is actually not going to be coming home, though ghods only knows what he could get up to that would require him staying the night somewhere else, so I think I may let the ferret run out for the night. I may not though, considering the scary mess the box is now in. He may choke on some random bit of Oreo box plastic that’s scattered on the floor somewhere.

The book my lovely Gavool sent me arrived. He sweetly sent it overnight. Papillion. His bible is an escape from prison.

My LJ friend Dys wrote something today I quite liked:
there is no justice in desire, no satisfaction in wanting, no mercy for unrequited hearts; that is why these words exist. moods shift based on the simplest of wishes: two cups of coffee at a late night dirty diner, your lipstick on my collar, a shared taxi; the chemical formula of lovers. i have to ask: there is no selfishness in these, is there? i might as well ask for the world, only to find out that there is no such thing as a simple wish. atheists are born on nights like tonight.