Presented by Eye of Newt/Rumble Productions/Radix
Theatre/Celluloid Drugstore
Friday through Sunday, September 3, 4, 5 at 8:15 pm
Grandview Park, Commercial Drive at William Street
Tickets: Free
Info: 604.662.3395

Do a little something different this
Labour Day weekend ­ stroll into Commercial Drive’s
Grandview Park for the 4th annual Silent Summer
Nights, three glorious evenings of the best in silent
(and not so silent) film. Park your blanket under the
stars and enjoy a selection of cinema’s “Great
Showdowns,” all to the thrilling accompaniment of
original live music by Eye of Newt and invited guests.

A Labour Day classic.

Friday, September 3 ­ Modern Times.  This
classic is suitable for Chaplin fans of all ages.
Featuring live accompaniment by Pepe Danza
(percussion), Chris Kelly (saxophone and laptop),
Stefan Smulovitz (viola and laptop) and Brad Turner

Saturday, September 4 ­ Trinity is Still
My Name.  Saddle-up for this Spaghetti Western/Live
Improv spoof of Clint Eastwood-style outlaw flicks.
Featuring live accompaniment by Brad Muirhead
(trombone), Ben Wilson (drums & electronics), Jesse
Zubot (violin) and dialogue by The SSN Voice-Over

Sunday, September 5 ­ Enter the Dragon.  A
classic martial arts movie of grace and timelessness
with a sensational new live score conducted by Coat
Cooke and surprise guests and performed by the SSN
Monster Orchestra.

I suppose goodbye to granny Eileen

I arrived slightly late to the funeral. The church seemed very empty, but there were one or two rows full. There were people there I didn’t expect to see. Plus, well – the whole religion thing. Whoo-ee. Weirdness. It would have been interesting anthropologically if I’d been able to take notes. As it was, it was things with cups and too much standing. I almost went up to get the cracker, but thought to myself that, well, I could do that any time. I had to choke back a laugh when I found out that transubstiation has a sound effect. *chuckles* And to see the man in the dress step up with the tall stick with the cross on top? Well one day back in high school my friend Charles and I were both running late and ended up on the same bus. Instead of going straight to the school, we tried to get into a church that was on the way. The doors were ALWAYS locked but for the exception of this morning. So, being the people we were, we went inside. In fact, the place was empty. We ended up in the rooms behind the alter. There were all sorts of odd “holy” things – robes and chalices and one of the sticks. I took the stick with me to school. Charles was slightly scandelized – his mother being devout enough to douse people with holy water when they first visit. This 7 foot tall jesus stick. Borrowed it for the day and brought it to all my classes. I pictured Gavin for a moment standing beside me in the church then threw it away as improbable. Far more likely that he would still be at home on such a cold rainy day keeping the bed warm for me. It was all a bit strange. My mother was just as baffled as I was about what we were to be doing there. Made me glad to know she doesn’t know how to dress for such things either. We kept looking at eachother and trying not to snicker a bit at the jesusmans ruinous microphone. A woman got up to recite her poem about Eileens death. I wrote a poem to express my loss” Simultaneous *exchange looks* uh-oh. We looked at eachother and held hands. It was sort of painful. The whole thing was a bit like that. I made her swallow a laugh when I winked at her. Priesty boy with his constant mis-pronounciation of Eileens name and the continous praying to ‘our saviour and god be with and god that”. Repititious, tiresome and strange. Old people bent white haired murmering the words along with the amplified recording. People kneeling at shiny cups and never ending requests of “everyone please rise to pray” I arrived a tiny bit late, but I have a suspician that everything was done three times.

Artist of the day:Lodger TV The link is to a short music video. I especially like the smoothness in the animation style. It’s slighty trite but it makes up for it with examples of sweet imagination. My favorite piece is the conception. The rest of the site is equally clever. found thanks to spaz_own_joo