got that look in the eyes. the one that says they’re here until they’re gone

It’s 6:oo in the morning almost to the dot when I come home and I am JUST realizing that this evening I help Dominique move. *smacks head* AND I have a party tonight. Lucky I guess in that the party is a geek thing and will be only a few blocks away. It’s over at Hawk and Pender, so walking distance. Wish it were a real party, but then again, work tomorrow. Damn. And SinCity tomorrow. Then Sunday, which is work then straight to Silva’s goodbye to her home party, then leave early Monday for Denman. This might hurt a little. Like, maybe more than a little. *shakes head* I dance quite a bit more at SinCity than I do anywhere else. Fetish nights let me dance howsoever I feel like. *wicked* It’s a wee bit more exercise that way.

The Freethinkers Social started off with the Directors Cut of Bladerunner, (I’ve never seen the other version, though it’s on my list), and eventually everyone was picked off one by one by the sniper Hours, and Ian and Bob and I were the last out. I come back to my box to on-line with Dean making atrocious pedophile jokes. Apparently he is up at such an atrocious hour to spend time painting with little ones. I said I would get up so early just to go spend time with him and the children. I can’t think of anyone better to spend time with kids.

Purely Electronic says:
we play the ‘lift up your shirt game’

Purely Electronic says:
and….’naked movie star’

So far, it’s a good start to a day.


Except, well, Ray isn’t coming camping.
For those unaware, I have madly agreed to a Mon-Fri week at Denman Island with Ian and Ethan. This will be a delightful week in delightful company, but I expect to be intellectually picked on at least once an hour and for there to be enough pedantics to perhaps flatten souls. There will be no purity in this trip. Wit and sharp scathing hormonal girl. This has the potential to be special like a unique case-study murder. I have not been camping for years. I had in fact half forgotten that such a trip was in the works. I assumed it was not this week but the next. We have yet to scrounge a tent. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were one of those people that required organization and more than ten minutes to get out of the house. This girl already knows she’s in for four in the morning laundry and tossing stuff into a bag unplanned last minute. Toothbrush, check, bloodrags, check, four foot lizard, check. Everything else is up to chance.

I kid, but I’m not actually worried. Course, it’s also looking like I never actually worry about anything. This in itself is worrisome or I’m starting to think my lack of worry is an indicator I know something I don’t. *grinning* I’m also thinking I should never stay up existing for two days soley on Kyle’s brownies ever again. Manic does not equal sleepy. I’m going to have to go out and get choco-covered esspresso beans again for when I need to get to sleep. This is slightly silly. I knew as soon as I lie down and closed the eyelids, dreams will flicker happening and I will be swept off, my soul let to roam free in my City.

living will happen one day she says:
what are you doing up? it isn’t safe to be out right now. this is when the dead roam the earth

living will happen one day she says:
soulless dead who rot piece by piece in little boxes

I think they call them cubicles