I move like water when I’m dancing? You’re on drugs.

Another day of nothing in particular but happy conversation. Not wasted time per se, but nothing tangible has been aquired. Arguing with the webcam for an hour got me nothing but error messages, and really, when one uses windows, those aren’t very rare. I’ve mucked with my resume as much as humanly possible as well. Now to fix the printer black. Try a pin to unglue the ink. I’m beginning to be in dire need for a second job. I managed this week with only $10, but I’m uncertain how many weeks more I can do it for.

My obscenely odd wish to go for drinks has at last come to fruition. There’s a first time for everything. No beach yet. Dominique has me snagged for fruity rum drinks. Perfect timing as the desire has faded with the rain. The sun has come out just in time for evening and burned it all away. Perhaps, I’m thinking, we could catch the foggiest edge of want. I’m going to bring the cherry kircsh because it’s nasty. Cruelty to oneself might tone down the bubbly. If this were a film, I’d wear a black and white dress and swing my arms when I walked. If this were a book, the detail would be higher to make up for the lack of content and if this were a song, I’d be singing about love like The Cranberries do. “You’re so pretty, the wa-ay you are”

Love, however, is not so much on my mind.

I am thinking about how utterly ridiculous my life can be. How it’s best when nothing ends, when moments roll after moment and there is no stillness that isn’t full. For instance, it’s possible that somewhere it’s a good idea, taking a ferret in the shower. In my head, it might be, and that was a miniature adventure. I need to live in a studio again for it really to work, I think. Somewhere with an open room watercloset. Ghods – now the furboy is knocking everything off my shelves in his excitement. He wants to curl up with me to groom but as I’ve no clothes for him to burrow in. We’re having a hard time finding middle ground.

I’m kicking him out before this degenerates into furry comments.

Tomorrow world, tomorrow I change you. Tomorrow I stand on the hood of a car and yell at people. Promise.

I’m thinking… flames.

geek dot

For the basic geek appreciation, I present Curser and Spam Amusement.

Also: the future is happening too slowly. Again. Police to have live-feed cameras in thier helmets. The fact they then send the data back to the ground to a wifi handheld, rather than just being viewable makes it interesting. Think we the people will get to find out how well it works? I want the feed. 

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