apple pie filling

Sundays are more difficult than Saturdays.  The religious day of rest has infected too much of the world. This will be the day I step in front of the train. No-one’s on-line and the interesting children have been dragged by the ears to sit in hard pews. Victoria and Kyle dropped by for a nice visit. They brought me food, which is always a certain way for nice people to win my adoration.  Kyle brought home-made apple pie-filling, (he claims it’s apple sauce, but I know better), and Victoria brought chocolate and white peaches. Made me feel a little of a housepet. Dressed in black velvet, I’ll twine around ankles for a tidbit. I’m sure my cat-like tendencies tend to re-inforce the persistant illusion.  One of these days I’ll learn to cut my nails.


Damnit! What is with men and the word “baby”? I do not understand. I’m beginning to suspect it’s an age thing. Somewhere in the formative years of currently middle-thirty boys the word sank into thier vocabulary irretrievably. If it keeps up I’m going to lose my favourite game. I’ll end up being caught myself. Suddenly the word ‘baby’ will be used outside of sarcastic context. I’ll step up to someone and it will slip from my lips without the ironic inflection. Then what? I’m one of THEM. Bastards.

So William is off covering the Republican Massacre down in New York this week. He should be posting pictures soon. I really think everyone should be keeping an eye on this. It seems like a pivotal point right now, things could swing either way depending on how this goes. Old boys are chuckling to themselves in little rooms and erasing the upoming election. Bad news. It’s a toss up if rioting will happen, though it seems like one is being engineered. William’s saying Dante Street. Bad enough that the current government is pushing for purely electronic voting on machines that are proven to be easy to tamper with. Not, of course, that it would even be needed. They did a good enough job shoving the vote over to where they wanted without pressing a few buttons. Heard about how a few thousand New Yorkers were also listed to vote in Florida? Highly illegal but only caught a few weeks ago because “they don’t check voting rolls across state lines”. Extra nice that it was Florida, I thought. Votes went down for people that never left thier state. You’d think the media would have something more to say that a tiny paragraph on page fifty-three. Course, instead of covering the bill that allows the US Government to postpone the election if ‘a threat to national security is discovered’, they flare up with propaganda for the gay marriage issue. So much for them.  Enough of this and  I won’t want to live so close to a WWII Germany. I already want to live in Europe, more reasons to leave are a fourty-five minute drive away.

across the street from your storefront cemetary

I need some nice warm blankets. Walking home sixty blocks on no food whatsoever to save on busfare only to wake up at 5:30 in the morning from cold is simply arduous. Time to rummage in the closet. I’d really like to meet the woman in charge of the weather. I’ve got some questions for that dame. I’d put her in that classic room with the swinging light and a cigarette. I’m sure she smokes by now. All the crap in the air gaurantees it. Her eyes must be filmed by yellow tears all the time. Each and every one of those hairspray bottles keeps her hair stiff and her dress is filmy cloud. I wonder if she’s pretty anymore.

Twinge, toil, and trouble. I stretched and felt as if implanted wires had broken in my flesh. Sharp, sharp, they cut and burn. Suddenly glad of an enforced seven hours in a chair in spite of the fact that I’m already obsessivly checking my mail. A muttered good morning darling to a new letter. Yesterday my company was quite taken and I was quite taken by my company, but who knows about today. One can hope, but certainty nothing.

Gah – need to reboot for work.

edit: I utterly have nothing to do with the person who left that comment nor do I agree with thier comments. They sound like my father. Hope you’re well Darren and this person can’t get at you. I, for one, am honoured to know you. Keep up the breath-takingly gorgeous work.

beneath this dreaming tree

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You people need to explore more.

This is the point where I admit I use this thing more than pretty much anyone I know. By about.. oh, a lot. It continues to work for me, so I’m going to continue along. When I suddenly overnight needed a place to live, everything was taken care of here. Just a post in a community and events unfolded in three days into putting a damage deposit down. The world becomes easier. There’s a network of a few thousand people I don’t know and I get access to thier knowledge. It’s brilliant. I can share my pictures and have memories in post. Precious people appear here and invade my life like my favourite colours. I’ve never encountered a successful networking medium before though I give a looksee at all that come my way. I’ve been here a year and I’m in love.