If someone can explain the senior citizen in this, it would put me slightly more at ease. I’m well aware the 80’s were a strange time for culture, but somehow she doesn’t fit in some disturbing way. You would have many thank you’s because at the moment I think my brain shuts down in denial. Only a little, but it’s enough to bother me.  It’s difficult to actually break something in my mind. Used to heavier lifting, I suppose. Something more like this. I’m telling you right now, straight up, not to click on that. Chuck Palahniuk is a wretchedly talented man. Just don’t. It’s not the sex. There are plenty of sexual horror stories. It’s that the man can Write. I’m not a hateful person, it’s not like I linked to The Eels Video. This is not a passive piece of pain. The old lady though, if you can figure her out – you’ve made the world a better place.

Or well – give a looksee at this instead. It’s harmless.


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