nothing in particular

So J has survived Wakefest though painfully. Being the director of the festival, he has to run the volunteer party this evening, so I’m going to go coddle him out of his hangover with Pho before he has to drag his tomcat self out to shake it wihth all the pretty girls. Seems like a good way to visit his kitten.  I missed Wakefest myself, Sunday being the last day. Dominique and Rowan dropped by last night with thier friend. This city being the small inscestuous pool it is, we’re fairly sure we knew eachother. His speech was certainly familiar. In any case, the company and the chocolate covered coffee beans were a certain treat. *grinning*

For those of you who enjoy hued hands, I’m planning on the aubergine solution this evening around five.

Unrelated: My mail makes me happy. I cross my fingers whenever I hit my recieve/send button now.

from Dave:

Being marooned in this hole I’ve come to realize just how much I hate seniors and red necks. I’d like to start cutting them all up and see if their parts interchange. It would make a nice art project—–public vivisection –on mass—of the old folks as I sew red neck arms and legs on to their bleeding stumps. Just a thought on a bleak Sunday evening.

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