danny letter seven

This one is scariest so far…

Subject : Bye D.

K – J

It’s time for me to go. This whole thing is ringing in like a Vicki Gibson impassioned composition for her favorite bland … er band, the Canadian Nazi Talent Basher Band. Once they get the charts they’ll kick in my doors, let local druggies and groupies have all my equipment, create and drop charges for months to eat up three days a week, have fifty people putting the squeeze on to sell me some drugs, (which they will gladly pay for – unlimited ceiling) while they never ask a question about anything, never answer a question about anything, and of course, never allow me to make a formal complaint about anything. So, if you don’t mind, I don’t want to be in Vicki’s band.
I’ll share a final offering with you people before I go. In the interest of safety I have put this in writing to the Government, media, Hall of Fame and posters. I have peaked out on two-faced, lying, backstabbing, child-bashing kidnapping, genocide killers and I have no further intention of dodging you for your own stupidity and safety. I will assume a blanket intent that everyone who has been in the presence of a child of mine without my permission is trying to kill me and my children. Until I begin to receive some written apologies to me and my children with written intent to compensate for the millions of dollars that were stolen from us; the educations that were destroyed; cultural rights, health, etc. etc. I have no way of determining who is who and must consider every one of you a potential threat to mine and my associates lives. Includes children around the globe. This is a “No questions asked” situation. If anyone crosses my path you are going to meet with immediate and extreme violence. I don’t care who dresses you. Nun, cop, judge, grannie, groupie, my own brainwashed genocide killer kids. Some of you have seen me break handles off cast iron frying pans with my bare hands, I have also bent two inch solid steel tubing with my feet. I quit studying Ju-Jitsu when I was twenty because I came within two inches of putting some idiots nose-bone out the top of his head when I was attacked on a street about some Bimbo I never even heard off. I have kept it buried all these years and have evaded your twinks to show them some mercy. There was not a single individual in an entire school that would try me on the mats after I got warmed up. But … I’m getting pretty old and extremely tired from people trying to kill me and my children for so many years. What that means is my accuracy may be flawed and you might be killed instead of just ending up with broken limbs. I may just do a few numbers on my own face as a last ditch attempt to educate you to your new reality … while I’m walking over to you. The situation will draw media and I’ll ask you once again what the fuck you think you’re doing with my kids … from the front pages.
From the front pages is exactly where we’ll meet again. A violent encounter will speed it along although I would prefer to just attend my documentaries and we’ll go from there. You decide what side of the fence you want to be on.
North American GenoFighter … NAG … is going to be full of Canadian Hall of Fame’s and I’m advising you like I’ve advised the Government … I consider any of you fair game to use as icons for graphic immortality regarding Canadian murder and torture-mongers of children the world over. I’ve been preparing this for a long time. People were skeptic until Fahrenheit 911 came out and now they’re chomping at the bit. I’ll put a hundred bucks that the forty percent of non-voting Canadians have been waiting to press this button for a long time. I think those 911 guys will be interested too. Later gators.
You want my attention? You haul huge ass. I won’t stop until the whole world is asking you what the fuck you think you’re doing with my kids. Good riddance!

Alrighty – I’m thinking of police now. Any suggestions?

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