the drowning of st christopher

I was late to the fireworks and it was a pity, as they were quite splendidly done. There were some I’d never seen before. Pale washed out green, they look like they were exploding in slow motion. My ghodmum, Silva, had dropped in on-line just as I was leaving. She’s very new to messenger. Just today was her first day. In stopping to chat with her, I was late and caught a bus that let me off halfway down Davie street at exactly ten o’clock. I ran flying down the hill, all the way into the thick crowd at Denman. I had been given clear instructions as to where everyone was, but certainly I was not to find them in the mass of distracted humans. Ten minutes brought me as close as I could to where they were to be, searching faces in the flash bright of the sky. I gave up rather soon on the hopeless cause and sat in a free space right at the water. I’m starting to think that as long as I have people to meet afterwards, maybe I should go to events alone. Toes in the ocean, leaning back into the sand. No idiots until afterwards. I was standing on a log, yelling out Victoria and Kyles names when someone swatted me from behind. Once I’ll let go, but the second time I turned around and whipped my nails across his back. I certainly hope he has a girlfriend. Hah. Right across the shoulder, as incriminating as garters on a mini-skirted secretary. Later, after everyone else finally arrived at True Confections I cleaned the skin out from under my nails in the washroom. Vague worries about contamination in these days we live in. I sat with Victoria, Kyle and Dianna‘s brother, a non-stop chatterbox of an offensive teenager boy with girlfriend. I supect the other table fared slightly better conversation. True to word, I got the tiramisu cheesecake.. So did Kyle after he asked about it and I described it as “an On button. Have some and you will suddenly be wittier, more awake, alive, intelligent and more charming. It’s an exquisite woman in a slinky black dress, champagne in hand, licking your tongue after drinking honey“.

I suppose I should mention that afterwards, while we were walking down Robson, there was a period where I took my shirt off.

blessings, sly boy, come with your kiss
those lips draw smooth patterns
if I could wish on them and oh how I wish
I would draw down innana to illustrate your beauty
take her moonlit sword and draw how I feel for you in the sweep of it

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