father letter eight

I need another one of these like I need another insistant suitor. I check every few days. Last night there wasn’t one, but today there was. I don’t like how much he thinks about my family and I’m thankful he doesn’t remember my name.

Just in case there is a Jane around there

Would you kill yourself? Probably not. Well … there happens to be a lot of 20 year old children who do because government and religion have stuffed their blood-sports economy up their noses since their birth. Suicide bombers. Use them as a comparison of the information that has been crammed into you for twenty years and start to challenge what the hell these perverts have set you up for. You have never been given a level playing field and you risk your life if you even show some inkling for one. Vicki wasn’t even 20 years old when I took her off the street. She was just soooo stupid that I knew she was going to get killed. I have always had a sixth sense about such things. Some of the girls got killed exactly the way I told it would happen. Nobody seems to want to listen to me about anything but I could certainly supply witnesses to these events. Take a look at Vicki for an example … she’s a half a century old and has NEVER considered that you should have had a right to even one conversation with me let alone a life of interaction. Where did she get this attitude? Religion and government. The government has probably processed $500,000 from her attitude so far and all her children are primed to sink into the same trappings.
Vicki has never attempted a single conversation with me about anything in existence. Her ability to destroy is her only capacity for feeling powerful. You have never had an environment that would encourage you to speak up and test your thoughts against a multicultural world and you will never know what you are missing. Just like Vicki. There has never been anything that has ever come out of her mouth that would warrant 30 seconds of anyone’s life. There is NO point in attempting a conversation with her or anyone she associates with. That’s her cardinal rule. No questions – backed by governemnt guns.
Why does a multi-trillion dollar corporation promote and seal such events? They are a blood-sports economies since the early warlord days and that ‘old money’ isn’t going to let it go. You are just so much fodder. (by the pound, I think) If you are worth more dead – so be it. They don’t give a shit. I used to play US Army bases with George from Harlequin (Winnipeg Band) and what do you know – a bunch of twenty year old’s going off to get killed and everyone of them was zonked on army issue ‘speed’ … go ahead – ask George.
Ok – I kid you not … I am seriously nervous about Vicki trying to finish me off with this information. She is a blood-sports for the feeling of power. She has zero capacity for economy. I used to get $5000 a week each for girls I was living with before I met Vicki. They couldn’t play much either but they could get along with each other better that Vicki. She has no capacity to live with another female. She was dangerously jealous of you even as a baby. I am absolutely positive she will kill you if you attempt to have anything to do with me. She has been entirely content to have killed me. There’s not a single doubt in anybody’s mind that she doesn’t want me to exist. Even you should be able to do that math. Be very careful around those Gibsons, toots. Anyway – I’m not going to hang around much if you don’t switch into a more responsive and private mode. Your inability to communicate just wreaks of Vicki’s management. You need to start thinking out loud with people who give a damn. DO NOT try it with Vicki or her types.
Life is a lot shorter than you’ve been led to believe and there are truly interesting and exciting things to do. They have been deliberately stolen from you. It IS why you’re still alive but it looks like your going to let them finish you off. You call that living? … You deserve it if they do. Good luck kid. Gotta go and hide from Gibsons. Try it, you’ll like it. D.

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