it’s a blue moon month

Gavin was wonderful enough to cover for me so I could quick bike up to the Vancouver Dyke March up at Grandview Park. It started at noon from Victoria Park, but there was no way for me to make that due to work. After chat began, however, I was able to leave Gavin on chat. I tucked Skatia into a bag, slung him on my back and pedeled up the hill to the park. Took me a bit to find Silva, what with having a ferret on my shoulder and a tank of a bicycle to maneuver around the crowd, but when I did it was lovely. I wasn’t expecting quite so many people. Certainly a proud turn-out. *ducks*

  I have some pictures now of Silva and I with and without ferret. He went quite well with her outfit and loved the attention everyone gave him as he wandered around. I’m going to get them developed as soon as the roll is done. I think tonight I’m going to finish it. When they’re done I’ll get doubles of the ones I like and send them of to Gavool. We’ve got a scanner here too, so they’ll show up on-line.  I was pleasantly surprised that a group of wonderful people knew my name. Tara and Kit and Elaine with Spike. Everyone now with white fur somewhere stuck to thier clothes. My day has been improved beyond all reckoning.

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