letter nine

Another ‘this is the last letter I’m sending you’. I think Monday I’m going to call the police and see what happens from there. I sent my mum the bit about the Yale. I know she spends time there.

From : Danny Holmes
Sent : July 31, 2004 6:09:55 PM
To :
Subject : We’ll never ever – D.

Like I told you twenty years ago, Jane

WE will never see each other again. It’s just who Vicki is and it’s the way she wants it. She has only one reaction in life and that’s violence. To her, she has shown us all who’s boss around here and if you’ve got a half-a-noodle, you don’t want to see what else she might be capable of. I sure don’t. I’m getting out now. I’m going to leave you with this. If you think you deserve to experience the other side of your jail bars before I die, do it like this or please don’t bother … you’ll get someone killed. You do deserve 20 years of the flip side to get an equal perspective, right? You just know Vicki is not going to let you do that. Be very careful.
DOOO NNOOTT … question Vicki or anyone who has been in your life about anything at all. They are completely content with a ‘Gibson by Gunpoint’ development process and so is the government. They need as many stupid, sick and violent people as they can create. Don’t do their pathetic drugs … stay as far away from their ‘health system’ as possible (drug dealers who capitalize on the carnage created by the social services) and if you ever have kids, the social services will do anything they can to destroy their educations and cultural pride. If you fight too much (which they will encourage you to do) they will take the kids and place them where they can become junkies. Everyone knows that. It’s another reason why educated people have to back off. Vicki doesn’t care, you’re nothing but war fodder for her self-importance. If they say they need to kill her kids for God and Country – she’ll be right there for them. The wars are a bunch of rich assholes creating employment for war toys. That’s why they need to create stupid people … Vicki’s their girl, alright.
Just slip quietly out the back, Jack. I will only go near you if you can convince me that you have zero contact or intention of association with a Gibson or anyone who has anything to do with them. DO NOT come near me. Get a place of your own and we will communicate electronically until such time that I consider you mentally safe to hang with. If you want to pick up the pace you can send me a cell phone that will only have you on the other end. I will give you an address once you achieve independence and you can deliver through commercial courier. (I won’t always be available for online phone because of the nature of discussions) It won’t do you any good in a potential professional world to have everyone know the degree of violent potential we have lurking in the wings.
Change your look and use a stage name or something when you move into a new environment. You will have to disengage from any strings you have developed for employment with your past so they can’t trace you. Consider also that your current relationships are entirely based on a twenty year hate program with the sole purpose of using you as a war object and you should consider if these relationships could turn on you at some point and do serious damage to the people in your future. I strongly recommend you disconnect from everything in your life and just make a break for it until you are sure of a perspective you can live with. It will take years although if you want to supercharge it – I’m your guy. I even taught Vicki Gibson some music. Heh – no one in the universe would have attempted that and lived to tell the tale. You call this living? oh well.
I’ll be checking out now and you can’t say I don’t try but even now I feel that I’m talking to Vicki and this is just another trap that’s going to cost me big-time and, as usual, you will never hear about any of it. If Vicki and her Genocide Band take me out with this attempt to communicate with you, I could lose this email ID. You could always ask around the Yale Hotel (blues) in Vancouver and someone would help steer you to me. Vicki will never go there because real musicians don’t want her around. Most everyone knows who she really is and the degree of violence she is capable of.
It looks like never – ever to me kid. byee. D.

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