‘starving howling hyserical naked’ made me laugh out loud

as an upper: Go spend time reading  .

He does This Day In History’s that are simply pretty.


1926 – Allen Ginsberg is born howling, starving, hysterical, naked.

1942 – Curtis Mayfield is born, spends much of his youth playing with a Superman toy that, in his youth, he calls “superfly.”

1960 – The Supreme Court provides, in Gideon v. Wainright, that everyone has the right to an attorney. Police are annoyed that even blacks and poor people have access to the sixth amendment, which they denounce as an antiquated amendment, meanwhile polishing their private gun collections.

1969 – Star Trek airs its final episode, after being canceled in one of the biggest TV blunders of all time. Kiss my nerdy ass, NBC!

1987 – Andres Segovia dies. Sadly, much of the guitar-playing community are too thick to notice, and continue making the ludicrous assumption that Jimmy Page is the best guitarist of the century. Travesty.


I opened my in-box to a painful surprise just now. A heavy letter struck me hard.

My friend Spike has cancer.

I’m reading over Elaine and Spike’s accounts of how they’re getting through this, and it seems like some sort of war where no one can be blamed. Chemo and crying. I can’t imagine how they’re doing really, though I know the upbeat will still be there. I know they’re holding eachother.

There was a get-together on my birthday, before the chemo began, but I didn’t know in time. The house is pretty much locked down now against sickness and germs. I think I have to nab a smack of organic veggies and deliver it, welcoming myself to thier neighborhood with a solace piece of gift. I don’t really know what to say. This is too big to swallow, I feel it catching in my throat.

Please the world, allow her to triumph.