nah nah woah-oh hey-ah

I’m too tired now to haul large chunks of wood around and put the screws in. Pity.

You! All who are to be calling me, please do so sometime.

Harry Potter was an actual movie. I was pleasantly impressed. The director was an extremely good call.

I want someone to call me after midnight, say hello and make me smile.

Your face, I can’t remember it properly, and that makes me feel somehow lost. We had years together – where are you?

Tomorrow is a job interview. I have a suspician it’s a formality.

Mishka – come visit. I have a shower big enough for two again. I’ll hum sad little guitar solos for us to soap up to.

I don’t know what I can save you from, but of course I’ll try.

No – still no clue what he’s angry about. You think I’ve asked?  Stop asking me and start asking them.

Anyone know a cheap place to get VCRs? Doesn’t have to be good, just something to watch movies on that won’t eat the tapes.

Joe’s at five =   and Kurt Vonnegut. Almost all the books that Lidd stole when he went to the island with my library.

Coffee & Cigarettes. Please don’t have me throw you over to go with someone else. I think it would be perfect to see it with you. We’re both “seen too many movies” “no such thing as too many”.

Pam last night was interesting. Wierd to see someone again after not. So many scars, deary. You have to quit.

Shane! Toast!

Who the heck labeled the box of my hardcover books, “bathroom stuff”?? *suspects Jeff*

My birthday carrot from Aiden has been found, but it’s been trashed. Looks like it was run over. There’s a cachet in walking into a dry cleaners and asking them to clean my antique velvet carrot, but then again….

The little elephant needs to be painted. Like, yesterday.