come visit!

Tuesday afternoon and the cable is up and running. I am now connected to my world. It is brilliant sun outside, but it can wait. It’s peeking inside, and that’s good enough while I catch up on everyone. I’m lying clothed in water from the shower that I braved without a shower curtain. I think I did all right, no new lakes, and the sun is all the more sweet for it. I’m tired and drowsy and glad that I’m dripping wet. Ian and I were up until seven. We have pretty much finalized the move from Adrians. Two loads, one of books and fabric and feathers and paintings, the other of computer and my fish. I love that my essentials simply aren’t.  The only thing forgotten are my crows wings, left behind in the freezer. I suppose I’ll pick them up in a few days, when I hit Superstore for my pictographs.

I should get dressed, but it’s too lovely just to lie here typing, scrolling through art. Ray is coming over any minute now. He’s bringing some boxes, surprise mystery boxes. With the superfast packing with everyone helping, we haven’t the slightest clue as to what’s in most of them. When he gets here, we have to jet over to grab Robin, then come back. I need to re-cut Gavins key and meet him here to give it to him. After the boxes are solved, we’re taking Robin to the yearly Harry Potter.  

Ah-ha. Here’s here now. Time to tie on a shirt. Goodbye.