tonight is going to be hard

The heat and my blood and the children are conspiring to shut me down. I can feel the intelligence being sucked out. I’m being stripped down by inanities. I think I remember this feeling last time I tried to watch television. I’m a different person like this. I’ll cut myself on my wit, because suddenly, it’s dulled.

This week I work Monday too. I’m going to require some serious cleansing. Tonight is Spike’s fundraiser at Lick. I’m counting on it to shift me back into reality a bit. Settle me back into my brain, because right now I’m alone. There’s a beautiful song in my heart, but the singers echos won’t shine enough without another listen. Tomorrow is pointing to Farenheit 9/11, though, so perhaps I’ll be set free.

damnidiot left the key running in the ignition. now the zombie will catch us

Like yesterday, I’ve mysteriously woken up tired at 9:30, unable to creep back into sleep. I don’t know what the shape of this is, but it’s getting irritating. I wake up as if I haven’t dreamed, and yet I remember them. This morning was fleeing from the undead and having to deal with idiots. On waking, I couldn’t rid myself the thought of blood and x-rays, so I had to get up and dig them out. They’ve been put aside as I’ve been settling in, but perhaps it’s time to begin creating something. I don’t know how, and I have no materials, but I feel I must try. Anything.