today I

Ghods – I need to stop long enough to breathe. Today I get up, write a short blurb on last nights insane dedication to art, then off to nab Robin. We’re to be getting him clothes today. We meet Grady on the way down and that takes half an hour. He won’t call me, but that’s alright. It will take me likely a month or more to get around to calling him, so I suppose we’re even. Some lines change relationships. Once you’ve shown yourself to be something to me, that you professed never to be, perhaps I’ll never forgive you. Still, nice to see him, catcheek fuzz and all.  We passed him off onto someone else then promptly ran into Jaques LaLonde.

He’s a bit scruffy looking right now. He’s taken a part at Storyeum, as the goldpanner who started Vancouver. Never have I been so happy to see him. I continually expect some sort of recrimination from everyone over my breakup with Bill, but all I’ve recieved is support and stronger friendship for it. Jaques most of all so far, perhaps because his deeper understanding of the involvement and it’s parts. It was a relief somehow. Now I know there will be no strained conversation with anyone. Plus, well – experienced flirts are just damned nice sometimes.

We ended up at his place briefly, then to coffee with Ellen.

When I have another minute, I’ll remark a bit on that too, but Ian’s arrived, so I suppose I should actuially go eat something before he forces me to.

I think we’re fanatics

Last night was a laughing adventure. At eleven o’clock it is decided that we have a quest, and after a quick, futile call to Marc, we set out the door. Man Bites Dog, New Rose Hotel, & Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead.

Eleven sees Gavin and I pouring into Ians car and cutting through downtown to Black Dog. Closed, so onwards to Videomatica in Kits. Closed. Oak and 16, there’s a Blockbusters. They’ve got Things to do in Denver. We run from there to the Rogers, who has nothing, then back to ask if they would call the outlet on Main street. They’ve nothing in, so onwards to 41st and Fraser we go. At this point we’re in a hurry. I just pop out to try the door. Video Outlet is closed. Rogers at 49th & Victoria, however is not. They call the downtown and put a hold on Man Bites Dog for us. The time is now 11:45. We have 15 minutes to get to Davie & Denman from Victoria & 49th.

and we do it.


Ian and Gavin don’t know the city, so I’m in front and giving split second driving directions. We go down Victoria to Kingsway and swing through, just catching the light. We’re boxed in so “damn! Anti-Destination League! Quick – turn right! Here! This is Clark – we’ll hit the viaduct!” I don’t know how many laws we broke, but we passed two cop cars at certainly illegal speeds while running not one, but two red lights. Then we drove through a park.

At Davie it turns out we’re at the wrong one. Luck has it the staff member we talked to was friendly. “No! Don’t waste time! You have seven minutes! It’s a trap! Run!” We make it. Barely. Three people who simply cannot run, full tilt halfway down Davie Street. Five minutes to midnight.

Ian caught people coming out, and so slipped in. Nick of time all around. Then they weren’t going to give it to us because Ian and I didn’t have photo ID to match our accounts. Gavin is more organized than we are though, so all our effort paid off. No New Rose Hotel, but we’re not exactly caring at that point. The fact we weren’t dead and we had two out of three was pretty damned impressive.