hot out today and lonely without you(life)

I am folding and packing and placing things in a box. Paper, pages, sheets of information. I found a slip that tells me I had photos ready for pick-up three weeks ago. I wonder what they will turn out to be. I have very little here beyond clothing. Ray is coming over this evening with a truck from Endura. We’re going to pull everything out from inside, and to the new place. A bench full of costumes, two boxes and half a bed. Bill hasn’t gotten back to me about getting into the storage space for the other half, but I am fine without it. Phone gets hooked up Monday, (POEM will be back up), and internet Tuesday, so I am here at Adrian‘s until at least Monday.

Today is a Robin day and for some reason I’m considering taking him down to the Amsterdam. For the life of me I cannot reason why. Perhaps it’s the name and the way it rolls off the tongue. Something about the heat. I want to be somewhere I can ask someone to pass the bottle and feel drips of liquid on it as my hand takes it, damp and wet. Bright and sun-filled and painted beautiful colours. Maybe it’s more of a beach day. Sit in the sand and laugh at all the liars pretending to be pretty in bikinis. In any case, today I’m finally getting the X-Rays done. Getting it over with in spite of the fact that lying cold with all my clothes off, on a hospital table in a hospital dress, with such a scorching light of day outside seems somehow innapropriate. Like a screaming ghost at noon drifting down a busy street and back again.

Does anyone know how to package feathers, plants or paper lanterns for safe transport?