shound’t leave these out, inspite of the fact I’m dying for sleep

-before the quest for movies, there was a short run up to 1st for popcorn butter. I had halfway though changing out of my interview clothes and so just threw a coat on over my bra. We strongly suspect the clerk at the front counter was thinking porn when we said we were going home to watch movies.

-I think Jeffs friends have inherited me or something. I spent yesterday afternoon with Jude, Vinnie and some others whose names I don’t remember at Carlos & Buds. (Yes, that place that drops from mind for almost a year before we remember – hey! what about that neat place! – then forget about again) I don’t know if they’re quiet people or if it’s because I’m there, though I’m inclined to believe the former. In any case, it seems I’ve been slotted in with certain people retroactively.

-I know I said it already, but sorry for the rock in your bed. Or the bruise on your shin, which now I don’t think is there, but I did have a three minute worry over. Plus, neat! A jaguar!

-Sophie’s prom is Saturday and I’ve been invited to fill in for Leif, who’s working. So, um – how surreal is this going to be? I spent a moment at Value Village picking up a prommy dress while Robin was painfully trying his way through the pants section. I’ve never been to a prom, and honestly have no idea what to expect. I imagine prettied up teenagers standing in groups around the walls or tables. Faint illusions of idea, but nothing solid.

-I’m thinking lately that I should start learning this self-editing thing. I used the phrase “ornamental tazer” in my job interview wednesday. That just can’t be a good idea.