the chocolate seduction continues from a five year hiatus

I love living in an unexpected world. I’m going to Calgary.

There was already the thought floating. I’d agreed to go with Mishka to the Stampede, but now! Now I have incentive. You’re right. If you were here, we would be in the park with strawberries. You streched out on your elbows, more lanky than I, my skirt would be hiked higher than yours. Eyes open.  I suddenly don’t miss you anymore. You are real, here in text, in written word.

I still wonder why you painted that five to canvas.


warm and shivers: my re-introduction to gavin

This morning I woke too early for my 6 am bedtime, but my In-box has provided me with an invincible smile.

Your email has been digitally whisked over to Gavin.

Success. I wasn’t expecting a next day response. I wasn’t entirely expecting any responce. There were half held hopes, but honesty as well. I laughed and laughed when I found out that he’d been part the Zappa show. Intertangled parts of a very odd whole.

Then in my Junk Mail:

Is this my “sweet Jhayne” from the Vancouver days? Get back to me @ this address ASAP……Yeah!

I am suddenly so justified, I could shatter.

it’s not insomnia

I can’t sleep.

Final Bejeweled Score: 80,720
Congratulations! You beat your previous Best Score of: 40,475

This seems to be a reoccuring phenomenon. My day has been full, hours swept up for the day. A pile of shining glimmer in the corner, waiting for sleep. I’ve even gone so far as to write a letter to One Yellow Rabbit in Calgary, searching vaguely for an old lover. I wrote one to Green Fools years ago that never replied, perhaps this one will bear fruit after blossoming. It’s an evening for letters. Michael and I erranded up SFU mountain at midnight to deliver a letter for Silva. She’d forgotten to take it up there earlier today and so, having nothing better to do, I volunteered. There looks to be vast amounts of unguarded construction up there right now. Damn my lack of camera. Next time up there, I will know better and will have shoes.

I don’t know you except for the way you make me feel.
Can never be prettier. Nevermind I hate it here.